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One Touch Transformation 2020

8 Step Transformation Program

The 8 Step Transformation Program is a free 1-on-1 service for survivors of sexual abuse, ages 16 & older. The objective of the program is to find a healthy and effective outlet that will contribute to the process of healing. The program consists of three stages, and each stage has eight steps. Individuals will meet with the moderator once a week at the Butterfly Nest. Those who are not able to commute to the nest may participate through video chat.

Each one who begins the journey of the 8 Step Transformation Program will be required to sign an agreement, stating he or she is aware that this program does not consist of professional counseling or therapy and everything discussed during each eight week period will be kept confidential. Participants may choose to end the program at any time.

If you are interested in participating in the program, sign up right away for your consultation!

The Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect is a program branched from One Touch Transformation. It is a 12-week mentoring program designed to help prevent child sexual abuse while highlighting good touch vs bad touch. During the program, our mentors will also focus on self-esteem while inspiring and promoting self-worth to support the development of life skills.  Girls will also learn the importance of loving and protecting their body.


Our mentors will personally engage with girls from ages 6 to 15 once a week for one hour throughout the 12-week program.


The cost of the program is $30 per girl, but sponsorships are available for girls who are in financial need.  


Meetings are held once a week during the semester:

Monday evenings-Hartsville @ Seersuckergypsy (211 N Fifth Street) 6:30-7:30

Tuesday afternoons-Darlington @ Darlington Housing Authority Community Center 4:00-5

Wednesday evenings-Florence @ The Butterfly Nest (702 S Coit Street) 6:30-7:30

For more information about our program email us at ottbflyeffect@gmail.com.


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body consists of a team of medical professionals that advocate for the importance of good health. HMHB focuses on how a healthy mind can affect the body and vice versa. One way of improving health is by increasing knowledge. Throughout the year, the HMHB team will hold free health screenings & seminars related to the connection of the mind and body. Our screenings include: BP, Weight and BMI. To request for our team click below!


Spark the Convo Movement launched January 2018 with the purpose of sparking the conversation of sexual abuse in churches or faith-based organizations.

Our team along with local victim services will provide a presentation on the importance of having the conversation of sexual abuse in the Christian community. Following the presentation, a healing session for survivors will be provided, along with an opportunity to connect with community resources for additional support.

If your organization or church is interested in "sparking the convo" click below!