My Past Won't Win! 2.18

My Past Won’t Win!

The past is defined as a time period or time before the moment that we may be speaking or writing. (In this case it would be the time before the moment you are reading this.) Whatever the case may be we can all agree that the past has already happened before this very moment. The past is gone, no longer here, the former and just plain history. So, if the past is no longer here, why it so easy for it to haunt us? The past wants to not only haunt us but also defeat us so we won’t have a future. Not everything in the past want to haunt us. It’s the dark and ugly part that’s after us. I spend so much time fighting villain after villain but the biggest villain of them all is my past. Every villain I take on is to protect the children and victims and survivors who have not found their voice. Every now and then I’m forced to fight the past, with no warning. The past can easily sneak up at anytime. Just when I think I’m not prepared or ready for another round, I suit up and give it my best shot, and defeat it each time. I refuse to let the past win, no matter how hard it tries to catch me off guard.

The past has many tricks up its sleeve and will show up at the most awkward times. Usually it likes to show up when I’m around family or the people I care mostly about. It loves to interfere in relationships, conversations, and some of the most vulnerable moments. I know sometimes it may feel like I’m abandoning my friends and family, but during those moments, I’m up against that darn past. I must admit that it’s tough fighting it alone, but with the help of others who understand my fight, we’re able to work as a team to defeat this great villain.

The past is mean and ugly and loves to do whatever it takes to knock us off of our feet. The past doesn’t want us to succeed or become great. We cannot allow our past to scare us or keep us from living, surviving and thriving. The irony between you and the past is the past is what gave you ammo, skills and strength that you need to fight against it. Let me give you another plug; the past is just what it is. It can no longer happen again—which is why it fights so hard to remind you of what you endured. Notice it’ll never remind you of how you’ve already defeated it. It only likes to remind of you of the pain you felt, what you could have become, and everyone you could possibly hurt. Knowing what the past wants to do will allow you to remain two steps ahead in order to defeat it.

Who knows how many times the past will come after me, but I do know each time it comes I’ll be ready. As the Flash stated, “I’ll never let the pain, the darkness, determine who I am.” I won’t let the past defeat me or determine who I am or who I can become. So I tell my past today, YOU WILL NOT WIN!

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