Ready or Not, You've got this! 2.17

Two weeks ago I took on a new task that I didn’t think I was ready for.

Two weeks ago I was introduced to a young lady who had just endured a traumatic experience. Now, most of the people that I have met and talked to are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, so meeting this young lady was brand new for me. I didn’t panic but I begin to question myself. I was wondering if I could help her. The night before this occurred, I dreamt about my abuser, and I actually went after him with intentions to hurt him. I had no idea what that was about. So after receiving the call to talk with this young lady, I felt like I wasn’t ready. I can’t say that I was surprised that my name was given to her, but I was still honored that I was considered when there were other resources available for this young lady.

I was nervous when I first approached the situation, but I took a deep breath and was open and honest. I put myself in her shoes, as I always do when I’m talking with new people, and used the tools God gave me. It was amazing how this young lady immediately became comfortable with me. I prayed for guidance as I was talking to her, and God gave it to me. After meeting with her face to face, we set up weekly appointments so she can participate in the 8 Step Transformation Program. Again, I was amazed! To think that I was second-guessing myself to take on this new assignment seemed dumb now. After looking back at myself two weeks ago, I can hear God saying, “Arthenius, how dare you question or doubt yourself when you know I have given you the tools that you need to carry out every assignment I give you?”

So many times we doubt ourselves even after God has given us the skills, tools, and abilities to handle every assignment that He gives us. My mind goes back to one of our Bible study lessons, “God Wants to do Something.” In order for God to do something through us, we have to be willing to take that risk. Once we take that risk, God works through us. We won’t see Him work until we work. He wants to work through us. He’s willing, and He’s able, but it’s up to us to make that first step. We can’t allow fear to keep us from working and seeing God perform through us.

So the next time God hands you an assignment, don’t second-guess or doubt yourself. Just complete the assignment as He guides you. You may not feel prepared with every assignment, but the TEACHER wills always be with you!

Whatever God has placed on your life to do, do it. Don’t allow fear to keep you from being used by GOD. Whenever you have a chance, read Romans 12:4-21, and I promise you it will bless you!

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