Happy New Year: A Small Reflection...2.15

Three years ago, I had just completed one of my first journeys of healing. Three years ago, I had recently learned how to love and appreciate who I am. Three years ago, I took a step to create an organization for raising awareness and speaking against sexual abuse. Three years ago, I gave birth to One Touch Transformation!

Three years…a lot can happen in three years, if you put in the work. I must admit that I’m feeling accomplished and even more motivated after celebrating three years of One Touch Transformation. I cannot name every single learning experience that I have gone through throughout the three years, but there have been many. It’s no easy task, but it’s an enjoyable one. I love working my nonprofit even when I don’t even have the funds. The lack of resources or funds never made me give up, and I still refuse to allow it to stop me from doing the work that I was called to do. I have met beautiful people along the way, been impacted by others, motivated and encouraged by supporting friends, shunned by some but overall blessed. While learning many lessons along the way, I’m prepared to learn even more.

I must say my greatest joy is seeing when a difference is made or when someone’s life is truly impacted. When I see others growing and improving who they are, it gives me joy because I then know that God is getting the glory. I never want to develop the mentality that “I did that.” Everything that I do is not for me. It’s first for GOD and then for the person I’m helping. Am I happy when I see someone is set free or healed? Of course I am, but I don’t want to free others just for me. It is not about me. It never has been, and it never will be.

Three years ago, it was just my baby and I. Now, I’m proud to say that I have an official board who’s with me, pushing me, and who has a heart to serve and help save others. We have set goals to reach for the next couple of years, and I’m so determined to reach every last one of them. 2017 will be awesome and of course better than last year. I desire to see more people healed, loved and experience true freedom.

Three years down, and a legacy to leave behind

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