“Out of Evil There can Come Good.” AMWT 2.13

“Out of evil there can come good.” –Maya Angelou

I watched a two-minute clipping the other day of the late Great Maya Angelou sharing a piece of her rape story. Like me, she was a little girl when the incident occurred. She was seven and a half when a friend of the family raped her, which actually sent her to the hospital. Her rapist was arrested and sent to jail, but after being released he was shortly found dead. Maya felt because she gave up her rapist’s name that was the reason he ended up dead. So she went mute for five years.

During Maya’s silent five years, all she did was read. She read everything she could put her hands on in the library. She read and memorized books, poems, sonnets, and plays from every well-known author that we still study in literature today. During those muted five years, she soaked in as much as she could in order to get through her pain. After those five years, she was ready to open her mouth and release what had been prepared during those silent years. That I believe was the birth of the great Maya Angelou we studied and loved during the years she lived on this earth. It doesn’t stop there either; because of that great release, her work continues to make an impact even after her death.

Maya’s story is so encouraging and so symbolic. So many of us have encountered incidents that left us silent, but during those silent and painful times is when GOD is preparing us for a great release. He releases us from pain, bondage, chains, and slavery ---whatever the case may be. Each of us has been entangled with something that has caused us to lose our voice, but when it’s time for release, you can’t help but let it out. You may try to hold it in or be calm about it, but there is something that will not let you keep it in nor stay calm.

I stated that Maya’s story is symbolic. As I begin writing, I couldn’t help but think about the story of Jesus. The Son of God was ridiculed, persecuted, stripped, whipped, and beaten for no reason. He didn’t do anything to deserve the punishment, yet HE still took it all. He remained silent through the ridicule. He remained silent through the persecution. He remained silent through the stripping, the whipping and the beating. He remained silent through it all, even until the day of HIS crucifixion. When it was time for HIS release, he had no choice but to let out the words, “It is finished.” That was the most powerful release for all of us. It spoke liberation, healing, restoration, forgiveness, deliverance, and POWER! IT WAS FOR ALL OF US!!! Maya’s five years prepared her for her great release. HIS release had purpose and was powerful enough for our release in any situation. So it doesn’t matter what we go through. GOD will bring us through it. No matter how evil the situation is, good can definitely come out of it. There are so many other examples I could use, but I want you to be encouraged. Man may set you up to fail, but GOD will prepare and release you from every set up, and it will benefit you!

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