Paul Said it Best...AMWT 2.12

Who comes to mind when you hear the expression, “ born with a silver spoon in your mouth?” Of course we think about children of celebrities, the children and grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth, the children of football or basketball team owners, and the children of any national sport athletes. Can you think of any classmates or friends who may have been “born with a sliver spoon?” I’m sure we can think back and remember some of them from school. Maybe you have come across some new friends or acquaintances lately, and quickly picked up he or she was “born with a sliver spoon in the mouth.”

Well, the reason why I’m speaking on this expression because I was reading this week in Corinthians, and Paul talked about everyone being awarded for their work. The word really blessed me because as I continued to read, it encouraged me to continue to do the work that I do. Sure, we may have different ones to sow into our lives, or provide a little here or there; in order to enjoy your fruit or your outcome, you must put in the work. The scripture states, “And every man shall receive his, own reward according to his own labour.” How can anyone expect success without working? How can anyone expect any kind of pay without working?

Why do you think God tells us that faith without works is dead? We can wish and hope all day, but if we put no movement or no action behind our wish or hope, nothing will happen. Paul said the foundation has already been laid. The plans have been laid, so it is up to us to build upon it. Building requires work. We cannot just wait for others to do it for us. When a plant isn’t fed or tended to, it dies. The same goes for us. If we have a goal we are striving to reach, we have to continue to work. If we ever stop and give up, the goal remains just a dream and nothing more.

One of the biggest points I received from reading in Corinthians is that when we work for what we desire to accomplish, we learn to appreciate it even more. How would you feel if someone gave you what you wanted verses you working for what you wanted? Now there’s nothing wrong with someone giving you what you want, but think about how you would feel if you actually worked for it. Think of all of the lessons you could learn. Think about the different experiences you could share so it can help others. Think about how much more you would appreciate what you went through just obtain what you want. Wouldn’t you appreciate it much more verses someone handing it to you?

So I’m not mad at those who were born with a “silver spoon in the mouth,” but I do appreciate everything that I’ve had to work for and even everything I’m working for right now. I’m looking forward to the day when I can finally enjoy the fruit of my labor….and I’ll still give GOD the glory!

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