Thank You, Matthew....AMWT 2.9

I wasn’t able to post last week due to the approaching Hurricane, Matthew, but today, I just want to simply say, “THANK YOU.” Why? So much has occurred over the past week, and even after enduring everything, I can say thank you.

Matthew has taught us how to be even more thankful, for both the little things we often take for granted, as well as the bigger things in life. I don’t have to go into detail of how everyone waited for the storm, endured the storm, and dealt with the aftermath. I did my very best not to complain because God kept us alive. This is how I looked at the whole situation.

Matthew didn’t cause our lives to end or even pause. It simply slowed down. Life continued. I say it slowed down because most of us didn’t have electricity. Matthew slowed our lives down so we can appreciate what and who we have. How many nights do we normally eat and talk with our family without the smartphone, tablet or laptop next to us? How often do we break bread with our neighbors? How often do we take our work home instead of having family time? We all have Matthew to thank for allowing us to slow down.

Throughout the week, I have seen so many acts of kindness via Facebook. I’m so proud of our towns and state pulling together because we need each other to survive. Whatever your background may be. I saw different individuals open their homes for food and hot showers. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Again, we have Matthew to thank for allowing us to pull together in a time of disaster.

Several homes were affected, several yards were affected, several families were affected, but we can still say thank you, Matthew because we still survived. To those who have lost loved ones, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Haiti suffered the greatest lost, and my prayers continue to go out for the country. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, continue to pull together to endure the aftermath of Matthew. Keep an attitude of gratitude and keep the love going.

Thank you, Matthew!

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