The True Test has Arrived….AMWT 2.8

It only took about a month and a half for the true test to take place in my life…. which is now. I have a little less than $200 left in my bank account, and I have to pay office space, my car insurance and my car payment. I keep asking myself, what am I going to do? Well right now, the only thing I can do is do what I’ve been doing from the beginning and that is trusting God. Ever since I quit my job, I’ve been working out of my office every day for my organization and everything that goes along with it (The Butterfly Effect, 8 Step Transformation Program etc.) without funds. When I took this step, I knew it would get hard. I knew money would be an issue, but it was still my decision. I can honestly say that I’m not scared, and I’m not worried because the Lord will provide. His word never fails. As long as I’m doing HIS work, HE will take care of me.

I was pondering on what to write about, so I decided to be transparent, open and honest. This is not an easy journey, and it takes sacrifice, hard work, patience, and faith. I have not been doing any extra spending, no going to the movies, no shopping, no going out for fun…nada. I knew I had to sacrifice all of that in order to accomplish my goals. I would get sad for a little bit, but then I would think about how happy I am working my organization full time. No matter how upset I may feel at times, the peace, joy and strength I gain from GOD daily outweighs it all.

I’m willing to fight through it all. I do have a home based business that I’m working part-time, and I feel like within the next six months, this business along with the help of GOD will pull me out of this struggle. I am not ashamed to say that I am struggling right now, but it was expected. I still work my organization because it is my true calling. I’m not going to half step just because it’s hard right now. If anything, I’m going to work even harder.

Whatever you’re aiming for, it is going to take hard work. It’s going to take sacrifice. You may have to struggle, but you’ll get through it. I may be struggling right now, but I know I’ll get through it. GOD said He would supply all of my needs. He said that He wouldn’t put more on me than I can bear. If I delight myself in HIM, HE will give me the desires of my heart. I could go on, but this is what it takes-reminding myself of what HE said. So I won’t be discouraged by what I see right now, but I will be encouraged by what I don’t see and what’s on the way! I encourage you to do the same. We all have goals. We all struggle while trying to accomplish them, but you can’t give up. You can’t slow down. You can’t halfway do it either. I can halfway do it because GOD didn’t free me halfway. He didn’t heal me halfway. He doesn’t just love me halfway. So why choose to do halfway work for HIM all because it’s a little hard?

Faith without works is dead. Where is your faith? Where are your works? You need them both in order to past the true test!

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