Make it a Habit to Heal Daily...AMWT 2.3

“Make it a Habit to Heal Daily.”

Wednesday I had a session with a survivor of sexual abuse via video chat, and it was an eye opener for me. I’m always excited when the person I’m helping can help me at the same time. We discussed various topics throughout the session and how hard it is to follow our own advice. Then, we began to focus on the word “healed.” For the past three years that I’ve been sharing my story, I’ve been proclaiming that I am a survivor and an overcomer. I can’t pinpoint how many times I’ve actually stated that I am healed. I know I’ve said that I was broken, but I no longer consider myself a broken woman. As I thought more about being healed, it began to bother me.

When I talk about Childhood Sexual Abuse, I make sure I let my audience know of the long-term effects such as the triggers, PTSD, and other mental disorders that may occur. So as we continued the conversation, we posed the question, are we ever healed?

Will there ever be a moment that I won’t see my abuser’s face at night?

Will there ever be a moment that my stomach won’t turn when I see or hear a familiar scene in a movie or on television?

Will there ever be a moment that my body doesn’t go numb?

Will there ever be a moment when I don’t burst into tears from a horrible memory?

Will there ever be a moment when I don’t feel jittery?

I could honestly go on all day about different long-term effects of CSA, but I don’t want to focus too much on that. I want to go back to the word “healed.”

My participant of the 8 Step Transformation Program stated that she herself doesn’t consider herself healed. She’s a survivor of CSA, but she’s not completely healed. Her words were, “I’m healing every day.” I looked at her and said, I believe we are healed; we just still have our moments, but overall, I feel like we are healed. We both agreed that it’s important to do things each day that will contribute to our healing. That’s when we both wrote down, “Make it habit to heal daily.”

It was perfect! We’ve been taught that it takes 28 days to make or break a habit. That means if we practice healthy healing habits everyday, it will continue to contribute to our healing!

Of course the spiritual side of me reminds me of Isaiah 53:5. It encourages me that there were enough stripes to even heal me not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Until the day I die, I will proclaim that I am healed while I’m still making it a habit to heal daily!

Until next week!


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