My Response to Brock Turner Case...AMWT 30

“My damage was internal, unseen, I carry it with me. You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, and confidence, my own voice, until today.” –victim of Brock Turner

After reading the 13-page statement of Brock Turner’s victim (now survivor), I would like to give my response on the entire case. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I applaud this young woman for even taking the time to relive such a horrible moment through her words. It takes such courage and bravery to even talk about personal sexual assault. Words cannot express how I feel about Mr. Brock Turner, but I can say that his victim is a hero today for all who have been sexually assaulted. She spoke for all who have never had the courage to speak up. She spoke for all who lost their voice. She spoke for me.

Reading her statement spoke to me in so many ways, and I felt like I was right there with every word I read. It’s sad that a victim has to relive such a traumatic moment in order to validate how uncomfortable or how traumatizing sexual assault is because our society doesn’t know the seriousness of it. Society doesn’t want to recognize the seriousness of the effects and how it causes life-long problems. Stats tell us that “every two minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted.” That means every two minutes, someone’s life is changed. So you mean to tell me, if the stats make us to know how often sexual assault occurs, we’re still not going to shed light on this topic? So is this not serious enough? That’s 30 people in one hour!!! And to think, for a crime that is committed so often, the judge saw fit to give a light sentencing. So, now victims have to deal with understanding what type of predator they are facing before pressing charges such as: their social status, their economic status, the color of their skin, their reputation, etc. Ohhh and for GOD’s sake don’t let this be their first charge or first offense; this gives the judge even more reason to believe that it was “just” a mistake. How do you slip up and sexually assault someone? Take responsibility. It was not the alcohol. It was not her promiscuity. It was not the way she was dressed. You had free will. All rapists do. They do it because they want to. Point blank. What causes people to assault six-year olds? Oh, so because the child appeared “sexy” to you, they caused you to rape him or her? Righhhhht. That is still not a mistake. That is a sickness that a rapist needs to take responsibility for and get help. Brock Turner needs help. All jokes aside, he’s convinced that he’s done nothing wrong. He’s unaware of the pain he has caused someone’s daughter, sister, coworker, girlfriend, etc. He’s only aware of his ruined reputation. Big whoop!

To the survivor of Brock Turner, I commend you. From one survivor to another, thank you for being a voice for all of us. Thank you for reliving that moment through your words. Thank you for facing your perpetrator. Truly, you are a hero in my eyes. More than half of sexual assaults go unreported, but thank you for speaking up (as well as the two bikers).

Brock Turner may have tried to damage you internally. He may have tried to take away your worth, your privacy, your energy, your time, your safety, your intimacy, your confidence and even your voice. His sentencing may be light and unfair, but today, you’ll forever be the true winner and come out on top. You didn’t let it defeat you, so you still win.

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