GOD made it comfortable for me...AMWT.20

GOD made it comfortable for me……

Last night, was the first time I felt at ease while sharing my story of being molested. First, I was thrilled that I was even invited to speak on abuse for FMU’s Kappa Deltas’ Shamrock Week. They may not have been able to tell, but it was a huge deal for me. Anytime I’m granted the opportunity to share my story, I have to mentally prepare myself. I prepare as if I’m telling the story to a full auditorium.

I decided to let Cortne (my guitar) tag along and help me share my story. Part one of my presentation included interaction from the crowd. There were 19 facts that I discussed. I had 19 participants to stand and read aloud the fact that was distributed. There were many facts that stuck out more than others, and there were some that were familiar. The most troublesome fact that stuck with me was:

“Most people think of adult rape as a crime of great proportion and significance are unaware that children are victimized at a much higher rate than adults.”

That is just awful! Knowing that children are hurt more than adults just makes me want to scream! I feel like I’m not doing enough, so it makes me work even harder! There is so much work to do, and I feel that it starts with me. I survived child sexual abuse, so I have no choice but to rescue other boys and girls or men and women who have experienced the same thing as a child.

Part two of my presentation included my story in song and my personal experience. Let me tell you, GOD made is so comfortable and so easy to share my story. I have never felt so calm and excited at the same time while sharing my story. I was able to pan the audience and share everything over the past 23 years of my life. I was animated and made sure I was able to capture the audience. I wanted to be sure they remembered what they heard. As I closed, I talked about the accomplishments within the past three years, and how One Touch Transformation was able to bring me healing.

So I owe last night to GOD. HE did that, so I could do it!


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