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March 3, 2016


I have suffered enough, I will suffer no more!


There are some things in life that cause us to suffer. There are some things that we may do that may cause suffering. Either way, no one enjoys it. When some of our selfish decisions cause us to suffer, then we can pretty much accept the fact that we have to deal with the consequences.  It is when we have no control whatsoever over the things that cause us to suffer.


Let me break it down a bit more.


-Being molested was definitely not a decision I made.

-Being molested was nothing I asked for.

-Being molested wasn’t my fault.


-My rapist made the decision to rape me

-My rapist took my body under his control.

-My rapist is to blame.


As a child, molestation, rape, abuse, sexual assault, sexual violence, causes the victim to suffer in some sort of way. Every victim is affected differently, but we have all suffered in our own way.


We suffer as a child, suffer as we’re developing, and then suffer as we enter adulthood. Some of us suffer from emotional, mental and psychological issues. We suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. We suffer from not being able to love or accept love. We suffer with our identity and sexuality. There are numerous affects. So, when does it stop? I’ll tell you when it stops. It stops when we finally make the decision and say, enough is enough. I will not continue to suffer for a decision that I didn’t make. I will not continue to suffer for something I didn’t ask for. AND I will not continue to suffer for something that wasn’t my fault. Why should I? I deserve a great life. I deserve happiness. I deserve success, and that’s what I’m going after. My rapist will no longer have power over me. My rapist will no longer control what I do to my body. AND I will not take the blame for my rapist.


I have suffered enough, I will suffer no more!

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