As my World Turns-17

My Girl Effect Experience

Saturday, I had the privilege of speaking to 10 little girls about self-respect and self-love. Upon that Saturday, I was stressing and worrying about what I was going to say. I did not know where to begin or anything. I started writing everything out about a week before, but that didn’t help. I prayed to GOD more than once asking HIM what I was supposed to say to these girls. Well, believe it or not, everything came together Friday night! It was as if everything began flowing. I believe it took me about an hour and a half to type up everything I was going to say. I was able to go to sleep with a smile on my face because GOD answered my prayer.

Saturday morning, Cortne and I took off for Newberry. I was excited about meeting these girls and could hardly wait to see what GOD had prepared.

I arrived a little early and was setting up and practicing my songs. When it was time to gather together, we opened with prayer and scripture reading. When it was time for me to speak, I got excited. All those little eyes were fixed one me. All ten sets of eyes stared and smiled while I sang and while I talked. I let each of them know that they are beautiful, even with scars, bumps and rash! Yes rash! I pointed out that I have rash on my arms and legs, and one little girl stood up and showed me her arms and hands, and said “like mine?” I said exactly! It touched me. I ended with Britt Nicole’s song “GOLD.” They raised their hands to ask questions. The first question stopped me in my tracks. A little girl asked, “Why don’t you sing for the world?” I almost couldn’t answer. I told her hopefully my voice will be heard by the world. All I could do is smile and think how GOD will speak even through the mouth of children.

The Girl Effect experience was wonderful, and it taught me some more things about myself. I don’t have to be afraid of taking on any assignment when it’s related to my passion or my purpose. GOD always knows what HE’s doing. Everything came together perfectly. My next engagement is March 9th at FMU for the Kappa Delta’s event for Child Abuse. I won’t worry like I did before. I’m ready to take it on!

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