As my World Turns-15

So, today was the first day I felt this beautiful in a long time!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There once was time I let my hair define who I am. There was a time I was afraid to show my real hair. I thought I was less attractive when it was just my face and my hair. I partially blame society because everything we see on television or on the cover of a magazine is never 100% real. So, I grew to love what I was seeing and began imitating it. (And if we’re honest, we’ve all been there at some point.)

I went natural for about six years, but I hardly ever wore my hair out. I still kept it covered but it was continued to grow. I still didn’t feel comfortable wearing it out all the time. A little over three years ago (during the time I broke my silence), I cut all of my hair off and started from scratch! I mean, I had a fade and everything. No one saw it though. My hair was growing back as I was dealing with my past of abuse. When it was a little longer, I finally grew some courage to actually wear my hair out in public. I was nervous at first, but when I walked into work, I started receiving many compliments on the short cut. I smiled and started feeling great about myself. I’ll never forget the words of one of the professors. He said, “A woman who can wear short hair shows that she has much confidence because her full face is visible.” When I heard this, it put a huge smile on my face and boosted my confidence even more.

Since then, of course I’ve worn more wigs and sew-ins. There’s just something about swinging that hair and flipping it across the shoulders. I love being versatile and love the fact that I can be just that---hair, fashion and personality. I feel like I can rock any hairstyle. I’m thankful for my dear brother Bradleigh Worthington. He’s a phenomenal hairstylist. Every wig that he has created for me has been amazing! He truly has a GOD given gift in those hands of his! So when I’m not wearing my hair, I’m a Bworthit Doll.

Anywhoooo…..I don’t know what it is about today. My dear friend tells me every day that I’m beautiful. He told me that I don’t have to look like a supermodel every day because I’m naturally beautiful. It took me a long time to believe it though. Today I seem to believe it more than I ever have. I can finally say I love the way my face shows when wearing my thick coarse hair---for it represents my inner strength.

Maybe you’ve felt like me before or maybe you still feel some type of a way about wearing your hair. If you do, just know that you are beautiful and don’t let anyone else convince that you’re not. Love yourself and the hair that GOD has given you. Once you love every part of you, then you can feel beautiful all over!

Gotta go!


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