As my World Turns-14

“See, the thing about me is that I beat myself up anytime I feel like I’m knocked back two steps. I always feel like I’m failing or just being beaten when I can’t keep a steady pace of progression.”

Ever since the New Year has come in, I have been pretty excited. I still have that exciting feeling….for the most part. I have had some rough weeks at the same time, but I try not to let that stop me from progressing.

I hear and read all the time how as an adult my life will never be the same since I was abused sexually as a child. I tell myself that’s not true. I tell myself I won’t be like the others in that number. Yes, I have those triggered moments and the breakdowns, horrible nights when I cry myself to sleep, times when I want to hurt myself. I don’t say anything because I’m supposed to be progressing. I’ve proclaimed healing, so I know I can’t let those emotional moments tell me otherwise. Ever since we’ve I’ve been studying on deliverance at Bible study, I’ve convinced that God will take away every side effect of abuse, every trigger moment, and every random emotional night. Why? I want it bad enough. I’ve had my share of therapy and counseling, and now it’s time for true deliverance. If God can deliver the lame, blood issues, sicknesses, than HE’s more than capable of delivering me the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still healed because I’m still able to STAND, SPEAK, & SURVIVE despite what I’ve experienced.

Pastor Joyce Meyer is a woman I look up to. I love the way she operates and how she’s able to STAND, SPEAK & SURVIVE. She is such a blessing and to me, proof of what GOD will do even for me and others who long for the same deliverance.

So many people claim they want deliverance, but how many truly want it?


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