As my World Turns-9

So today is the start of the last work week for the year! This year has flown by, but I’m excited about 2016 coming in because I already know it’s going to be FABULOUS!


So, let me tell you guys about project 29. This is basically a countdown until I’m 30 with a list of things that I must accomplish (if it be God’s will). There are several goals that I’m after at the moment, and I’m so driven that I believe that I will meet all of those goals. I don’t want to list every single thing on the list, but as my goals are accomplished, I will definitely make mention of it.

I will talk about one of those things right now. I’m excited about going back to my music. I was watching all of my music videos the night before my birthday and was reminiscing back to all of those events. It made me miss it even more. I was feeling that excitement that I used to get when it’s was time to perform. I’m missing it right now! I’ve always said when I went back to working on music it was going to be different when it came to performing. I don’t want to perform in so many “church” settings. It gets old quick, and the same people are always at the church events! That’s just me though.

I wrote a song a couple of weeks ago that I’m just bursting to share! It’s spicy and a little different from what I’ve written before! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Well, that’s my time!


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