As my World Turns-7

Happy Monday!

So my birthday is this coming Friday, and I’m so excited about celebrating another year! I can hardly wait because the start of my 29th year is going to be a project countdown to 30. There is so much I plan to accomplish in my 29th year with the help of GOD. Some things are already in place, and some things will begin shortly. GOD has been so good to me, and I have so much to thank HIM for. (I’ll save my birthday testimony for Friday though.)

So although it’s dark and gloomy outside, today is still great! I hate going out in the rain! I like to stay inside under the covers and watch movies! At this time, I’m not able to do that as I please, but the day will certainly come. (I’m claiming that!)

Exciting news……I finished a song last week! I’m going to share a little bit of it soon, so make sure yall stay tuned. It was three years ago, I released the song “Forgiven” and music video for it! Who remembers it? If you’ve never heard it or seen the video, here it is ( I remember releasing the video for my birthday. I had the celebration in my hometown. I saw the video for the first time myself that night, and I performed afterwards. I’m getting excited just reminiscing! Here’s a recap of that night (

But…..I’m ready for 2016! It’s going to be fabulous. 2015 was great, but I’m expecting 2016 to be even greater!

Thanks for visiting today!


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