As my World Turns-4

I cannot believe November is about to end! December will be here next week, which is also my BIRTHDAY MONTH! That’s right. My birthday is December 11th. Make sure you look for my birthday list!

So, Monday afternoon, I received a message to participate in a fashion photo shoot. I didn’t hesitate to participate in this! It involved fashion & photography, so I said YES YES YES! I tried to get my same make up artist, but due to location and time, she wasn’t able to come. I searched all night for a fill in. After messaging someone and getting them to agree, I was ready for the next day.

So my stylist and I arrived to Hartsville at the Mantissa around 8:30, not to find my make up artist. I began to panic but just a little. I waited and waited and still received no response. So, I drove to Wal-Mart and picked up a few items. I called my mom and she just told me to do my best, and that it would be okay. So I brushed myself off, and did just that. I did my make up and had my hair styled, and we were camera ready!

The entire shoot was a success! Of course I was told I looked like Kelly Rowland! I had a blast and enjoyed every moment. The Mantissa was absolutely beautiful! I loved every outfit and cannot wait to see the ad in next month’s issue. So, be sure you pick up your copy of She Magazine for December!

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