As my World Turns-3-Recap of my Weekend

Happy Monday!

WOW! I have no idea where to begin as I give you a recap of my weekend. It was such an amazing experience. I cannot say it enough, but I’m honored that I was a part of the experience. It was such an amazing, humbling, beautiful, and exciting experience. I really enjoyed every moment of it, and hated to see it come to an end. I’m so grateful for She Magazine’s vision in putting this event together. I will never forget that night. I was honored for the 2015 She Magazine Extraordinary “Overcomer” Award.

The evening began with me getting prepared in my room at Hotel Florence Downtown. My room was absolutely gorgeous. My make-up artist, Maranda, started on my face, while my stylist, Bradleigh Worthington, was curling my hair. Pictures were being snapped the entire time. I felt like a celebrity even while doing this! So Maranda finished my face, I slipped into my dress and transformed into a different person! Maranda told me I looked like a doll. I felt like one. I love dressing up! My make-up was flawless, my hair was amazing, and I was ready to meet my escort for the night, my daddy. He was looking spiffy himself. We walked downstairs and waited on the Cadillac to pick us up and drive us over to the Performing Arts Center. We were then dropped off in front of the pink carpet, and joined everyone who was there to help celebrate all of the wonderful women of our Florence area.

The entire night was beautiful, enjoyable, and very inspiring. As I rode back to my hotel room, looked out the window, as if I were in a big city, and thanked God for the opportunity and the experience. It was the greatest night ever!

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