Welcome to my World!

Welcome to my World!

Thanks for visiting the website of One Touch Transformation, and welcome to my world! If you haven’t watched the “Welcome to my World” video, please be sure to view it after reading this first blog entry!

I am excited and grateful that you have chosen to join my world! I promise not to keep your attention too long because if you’re like me, you too have much going on. So what does my world consist of?

Well for starters, GOD. God is the center of it, and I try my hardest to put nothing before HIM. I must be transparent and say that I have made some moves or done some things without consulting HIM first. I am working on making it a conscious effort to acknowledge HIM first so I won’t go in the wrong direction.

Secondly, I have my family (which includes my church family of FCM as well). My parents are such wonderful supporters of my both my projects for OTT as well as my music. I have two awesomely talented brothers who show support as well. I didn’t grow up with any sisters, so I’m grateful for my two sisters-in-law. My nephews are the highlight of my life, and I love being an auntie! I have a wonderful and supportive church family. Fellowship of Christians Movement has been with me since day one since the birth of One Touch Transformation. They continue to support my vision when no one else does.

Thirdly, music plays a huge role in my life, so it is definitely apart of my world. I have been singing for many years, of course mainly in church. I love ministering, performing and entertaining. I love the stage period! I love who I am when I grab the mic. My favorite Christian artist is Toby Mac, and I would love to meet and perform with him. That is certainly one of my dreams, so Toby if you’re reading this, please make a girl’s dream come true! I’m also a fan of Jamie Grace. Not only do I enjoy singing, but also I enjoy playing my guitar, Cortne! I picked up the guitar about three years ago, and it’s been a fun learning experience. Yami was my first guitar, and two years later I bought Sweet Pea (my electric guitar) and Cortne (my electric acoustic). I enjoy listening to gospel, oldies, 80’s rock music, Michael Jackson, 90’s music and some early 2000’s.

Next in my world is my home-based business. I am a certified travel agent. I basically sell travel (well travel sells itself) and offer the opportunity to others to become a certified travel agent as well. I love the residual income and the cheap trips included in our travel membership club. If you’re ready to become certified, do hit me up!

Last but not least, my baby, OTT! Working my nonprofit gives me great joy like no other. Being a survivor of molestation and sexual abuse is what led to the birth of the organization, and it has been a great outlet for me. My desire is to work the organization full-time because prevention and awareness is more than one-time events, so it must continue.

I’m going to close this blog entry because I’m over 500 words, and we all have to get back to our daily schedule. Until next time, meet me here, at the same place, AS MY WORLD TURNS.

Much Love,


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