The founder of One Touch Transformation is Arthenius Jackson. She founded the organization January 2014 in Florence, SC in order to share her story of surviving childhood sexual abuse and to spread the message of hope. She is a native of Hartsville, SC with a background in Mass Communication and Psychology. She has trained and volunteered for her local sexual assault crisis center, has cohosted RAINN Day events at Francis Marion University, and is a motivational speaker for the RAINN Speaker's Bureau. Her story of overcoming landed her the title of She Magazine's Extraordinary "Overcomer" Woman for 2015. Arthenius is a talented performer and singer and enjoys writing and blogging in her spare time.

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"At the age of six, I was sexually molested and kept silent about it for 20 years. I was too afraid to say anything to my family and was too embarrassed to talk about it. I kept it hidden for so long until it was just stored in the back of my mind. I thought if I never talked about it, then I would be okay. I was wrong because throughout the years I developed an unhealthy sexual, emotional and mental life. I was confused about sexuality, I had suicidal thoughts, I suffered with low self-esteem, and worst of all, I thought the only thing men were interested in was my body. I fought trying to feel beautiful. I was always concerned with how I looked, tried to make myself feel accepted and was never satisfied. Life was confusing, and I had the hardest time trusting anyone. When I thought I could trust close friends again, I was hurt. I stop letting people in, even my parents. I developed a brick wall that surrounded my entire life, and I was determined not to let anyone in. May 2013, I finally decided to tear down my brick wall. I spoke up to my family for the first time about being molested. It was one of the hardest things ever! Although I knew the worst part was over, it was extremely difficult sitting down with both my parents and brothers to tell my story. I’m very grateful that they have been supportive of me sharing my story. I’m thankful for the covering that’s been over my life from a child up until now. I know GOD’s hand was over my life and still is. He had a plan for me, and I’m forever grateful I was able to go through the process. The journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it because it’s for HIS glory. Creating One Touch Transformation has continued to help me heal from my experience. My desire is save as many children as I can through awareness and prevention and to impact the lives of other victims and survivors while showing them that their lives too can be transformed for the better."