Never Lose Your Vision...AMWT 2.11

I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about today, but I asked myself, what lesson did l learn this week? Immediately the words “don’t lose your vision” came to mind. So, hopefully this post will encourage you to never lose your vision. Growing up, most of us dream and even visualize becoming this certain person or working in a particular professional field. Some dream of becoming a sports player, a doctor, lawyer, business owner of a fortune 500, fashion designer, model, photographer, artist, musician, and the list continues. As we get older, it seems as if our sight becomes dim when thinking about those dreams we had as a child. As a child, nothing seems impossible. Some of us even thou

It Never Goes Away...AMWT 2.10

Normally when people are diagnosed with a sickness, something simple as an ear infection, stomach virus, or sinus infection, doctors prescribe medication to alleviate the pain and to make the sickness eventually go away. Whatever the sickness is, majority of us visit the doctor so we can feel better. There are some sicknesses that may not go away so easily, and there are some that may never go away. Some become dormant and may rise up at different times throughout an individual’s life. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I often wish there was a medication that could alleviate the pain or just simply make the past go away. (Now before some of you go spiritual on me, I’ll get there) But seriously,

Thank You, Matthew....AMWT 2.9

I wasn’t able to post last week due to the approaching Hurricane, Matthew, but today, I just want to simply say, “THANK YOU.” Why? So much has occurred over the past week, and even after enduring everything, I can say thank you. Matthew has taught us how to be even more thankful, for both the little things we often take for granted, as well as the bigger things in life. I don’t have to go into detail of how everyone waited for the storm, endured the storm, and dealt with the aftermath. I did my very best not to complain because God kept us alive. This is how I looked at the whole situation. Matthew didn’t cause our lives to end or even pause. It simply slowed down. Life continued. I say it s

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