The Ties of Abuse and an Orgasm....AMWT 29

“A sexual response or orgasm in the course of sexual assault is often the best-kept and most deeply shameful secret of many survivors. If you are such a survivor, it's essential that you know that sexual response in sexual assault is extremely common, well-documented and nothing for you to be ashamed of.” 2008 Pandora Project When I was younger up until three years ago, I thought something was seriously wrong with me when it came to my sex drive and my sexual hormones. I was so ashamed that I felt that way, and I never shared it with anyone. I wanted to but was so embarrassed. I had never talked about sex with my family and of course it was never discussed at church. The most the pastor ever

My Heart Goes Out to You Too....AMWT 28

My heart goes out to you too...... So, after writing my last post, something else came to mind. The last post was titled “My Heart Goes Out to You,” and it was for those who are dealing with the past of abuse…alone, with no support. Well there’s another set of people who my heart goes out to, and it’s my family and other second-hand survivors. Second-hand survivor may be a new term you for you, but my mom and I learned about it once we started dealing with my past of child sexual abuse. As my mother, she is considered a second-hand survivor because she was no doubt affected by the trauma. Although she wasn’t the one abused, she was still affected because I’m her daughter. She has had to trav

My Heart Goes Out to You...AMWT 27

This is for those who are surviving sexual abuse….alone. Therapists and counselors will tell us as victims or survivors of sexual abuse that we are not alone when dealing with the trauma of the past. In a sense we aren’t along because it has happened to thousands of other people, so we get that. What about victims who don’t have support and are really alone? I talk about how I have so much support from family and friends since I’ve faced my past of child sexual abuse. My awesome mom has been my number one supporter from day one. I’m thankful because even though it’s uncomfortable for her to talk to me about it, she still takes the time to check on me. I can only imagine how she feels when we

The Effects are Real...AMWT 26

" One night I remember saying that I would undergo being molested again than feeling the pain that I was feeling at the time." So, I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the book, Rape, Incest, and Child Sexual Abuse and I’ve noticed how my emotions started going all over the place. I felt myself becoming angry, upset, sad, and then happy all at the same time. There are so many relatable things written in this book, and that’s what caused all of these emotions to overtake me. After reading, I sat and thought. I realize that people just don’t know how severe the long-term effects of child sexual abuse are, and it’s even more severe when it’s not treated. I shared this passage in my online suppor

It's Time to Walk on Water.....AMWT 25

If you had to evaluate your life, which would weigh more, faith or fear? Well, let me tell you which one has been weighing more in my life……FEAR! I’m not ashamed to say that fear has been taking over lately. Someone may ask me, “Are you a true Christian?” Yes. “Do you have faith?” Of course I do. I have faith, but it has been wavering. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my goals and my visions, and every time I think about them, that doubt or that fear creeps in. I’m battling fear because of my “light” faith right now. I’ve prayed to God that I want to do OTT full time. I’m passionate about it, but I only think I can do it as long as I have the means coming in before I make that decision. I o

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