As my World Turns-17

My Girl Effect Experience Saturday, I had the privilege of speaking to 10 little girls about self-respect and self-love. Upon that Saturday, I was stressing and worrying about what I was going to say. I did not know where to begin or anything. I started writing everything out about a week before, but that didn’t help. I prayed to GOD more than once asking HIM what I was supposed to say to these girls. Well, believe it or not, everything came together Friday night! It was as if everything began flowing. I believe it took me about an hour and a half to type up everything I was going to say. I was able to go to sleep with a smile on my face because GOD answered my prayer. Saturday morning, Cort

As my World Turns-16

“Rape is not a crime of lust…but is a deliberate, hostile, violent act of degradation and possession on the part on a would-be conquerer [sic], designed to intimidate and inspire fear.” Pat Gimartin Some people believe that rape is about sex, but it definitely isn’t. Either way I view it, I still wonder what makes an adult want to “have sex” with a child when there are plenty of adults that are willing to give it away. Two things come to my mind: #1, he or she is twisted in the head, and #2, he or she is looking to gain power---or as stated in the quote, looking to be a conqueror and to intimidate and inspire fear. I’m not sure if my rapist was actually lusting after my small six-year-old bo

As my World Turns-15

So, today was the first day I felt this beautiful in a long time! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There once was time I let my hair define who I am. There was a time I was afraid to show my real hair. I thought I was less attractive when it was just my face and my hair. I partially blame society because everything we see on television or on the cover of a magazine is never 100% real. So, I grew to love what I was seeing and began imitating it. (And if we’re honest, we’ve all been there at some point.) I went natural for about six years, but I hardly ever wore my hair out. I still kept it covered but it was continued to grow. I still didn’t feel comfortable wearing it out all the

As my World Turns-14

“See, the thing about me is that I beat myself up anytime I feel like I’m knocked back two steps. I always feel like I’m failing or just being beaten when I can’t keep a steady pace of progression.” Ever since the New Year has come in, I have been pretty excited. I still have that exciting feeling….for the most part. I have had some rough weeks at the same time, but I try not to let that stop me from progressing. I hear and read all the time how as an adult my life will never be the same since I was abused sexually as a child. I tell myself that’s not true. I tell myself I won’t be like the others in that number. Yes, I have those triggered moments and the breakdowns, horrible nights when I

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