As my World Turns-10

What’s up guys! I’m a little under the weather today, but I couldn’t neglect my blog. I’ve actually been in bed all day and working remotely from home. Any who…..Last night I had a Mary Kay party with consultant Shannon Matthews. I invited Adrienne over and we both did facials and our make up. I tried to invite my mom in on the fun, but she was a party pooper! It’s always fun trying different colors. Adrienne and I actually used the same colors, as far as eye and lip color, but the amazing thing about it is that it looked completely different on both of us! I’ll never forget the first time I even wore make up. It wasn’t until freshman year of college! I never owned mascara or lipstick! Some

As my World Turns-9

So today is the start of the last work week for the year! This year has flown by, but I’m excited about 2016 coming in because I already know it’s going to be FABULOUS! #PROJECT 29 So, let me tell you guys about project 29. This is basically a countdown until I’m 30 with a list of things that I must accomplish (if it be God’s will). There are several goals that I’m after at the moment, and I’m so driven that I believe that I will meet all of those goals. I don’t want to list every single thing on the list, but as my goals are accomplished, I will definitely make mention of it. I will talk about one of those things right now. I’m excited about going back to my music. I was watching all of my

As my World Turns-8

Happy Wednesday! So today’s entry may be a little emotional. I had a rough night last night. While falling asleep, I began thinking about some of the things that I have endured over the years, and I wanted to cry to myself to sleep. I couldn’t exactly cry though because it was so much that was going through my head. I was thinking about where I could’ve been and where I am today. My life could’ve been completely shattered and could’ve gone in a completely opposite direction that where it is today. I have my guardian angel to thank for rescuing me out of those dark places. A lot of women never make it out of those dark places, but we just don’t know how and even think there is no way out. I t

As my World Turns-7

Happy Monday! So my birthday is this coming Friday, and I’m so excited about celebrating another year! I can hardly wait because the start of my 29th year is going to be a project countdown to 30. There is so much I plan to accomplish in my 29th year with the help of GOD. Some things are already in place, and some things will begin shortly. GOD has been so good to me, and I have so much to thank HIM for. (I’ll save my birthday testimony for Friday though.) So although it’s dark and gloomy outside, today is still great! I hate going out in the rain! I like to stay inside under the covers and watch movies! At this time, I’m not able to do that as I please, but the day will certainly come. (I’m

As my World Turns-6

Check out today's blog as I talk abou that fire that's constatnly burning inside of me!

As my World Turns-6

Hey everybody!!! So I’m eight days away from the greatest date ever, my BIRTHDAY! Next Friday I will be celebrating 29 years on this earth, if it is the Lord’s will. I’m so excited because I’m working so hard to get the things I want to accomplish by the time I’m 30! Later on, I will list my birthday wish list. So today I want to talk about this fire that’s inside of me. It seems to be growing more and more each day. This fire of course is a burning sensation that has constantly bothers me and causes me such much pain. Now, it’s the natural pain that I’m experiencing, but it is mental pain. It’s affecting my mind because I think about this fire every morning and every night. So what is this

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