As my World Turns-5

Welcome to the last day of November! Tomorrow begins my birthday month, and I'm ready to celebrate! Make sure you be on the look out for my birthday wish list! Check out today's blog!

As my World Turns-5

Wow! Today is the last day of November! I’m excited because my birthday month begins tomorrow! Remember, I’ll be posting my wish list, so look for it really soon. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend. I enjoyed getting some extra sleep, but most importantly I enjoyed spending time with the people I love. This was actually my family’s first time being scattered. Normally my mom cooks, but she didn’t this year. She and my dad were in Columbia, my brother and his family stayed in Hartsville, my other brother was with his wife’s family in Manning, and I spent Thanksgiving in Dillon! So, it was different. After getting back to Florence, I went to see Creed, which is an awesome movie. If y

Find out What's Next!

FInd out what's happening next month! I had such an aswesome time at the photo shoot downtown in Hartsville, my hometown at the Mantissa. Read about it!

As my World Turns-4

I cannot believe November is about to end! December will be here next week, which is also my BIRTHDAY MONTH! That’s right. My birthday is December 11th. Make sure you look for my birthday list! So, Monday afternoon, I received a message to participate in a fashion photo shoot. I didn’t hesitate to participate in this! It involved fashion & photography, so I said YES YES YES! I tried to get my same make up artist, but due to location and time, she wasn’t able to come. I searched all night for a fill in. After messaging someone and getting them to agree, I was ready for the next day. So my stylist and I arrived to Hartsville at the Mantissa around 8:30, not to find my make up artist. I began t

Read About my Weekend

Today's blog talks about my eventful weekend. Read about my special night and the special award I recevied. Standing next to me is my escort and my wonderful and handsome father! He walked me down the pink carpet, and from the smile on his face, I can tell he enjoyed himself. We were told that night that we both have the same smile, and of course that just made us smile even more.

Recap of My Weekend

Usually I record my video in my room, but due to my exhausting weekend, I changed it up a bit. Check out today's vblog as I give a recap of my weekend!

As my World Turns-3-Recap of my Weekend

Happy Monday! WOW! I have no idea where to begin as I give you a recap of my weekend. It was such an amazing experience. I cannot say it enough, but I’m honored that I was a part of the experience. It was such an amazing, humbling, beautiful, and exciting experience. I really enjoyed every moment of it, and hated to see it come to an end. I’m so grateful for She Magazine’s vision in putting this event together. I will never forget that night. I was honored for the 2015 She Magazine Extraordinary “Overcomer” Award. The evening began with me getting prepared in my room at Hotel Florence Downtown. My room was absolutely gorgeous. My make-up artist, Maranda, started on my face, while my stylist,


Read what I have to say about my mom in today's blog and check out the video to hear about the extraordinary news!


HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I hope you make today wonderful because I plan to! Welcome back to my world. I appreciate you taking a few moments out of your day to partake in what’s going on in my world. In Monday’s video I talked about some extraordinary news I had to share, and in today’s video I announced it! Make sure you watch the video to hear all about it. You don’t want to miss it! Today, I would like to send a huge congratulation to my awesome mom for finishing up her last graduate class! She has finally reached that finishing line, and I’m so proud of her. She completed her undergrad a couple of years ago and decided to continue and get her master’s. I don’t know who’s happier, her or me! No m

Welcome to my World!

Be sure you view the video and read the first blog entry! Thanks for being apart of my world! Much Love, Arthenius

Welcome to my World!

Welcome to my World! Thanks for visiting the website of One Touch Transformation, and welcome to my world! If you haven’t watched the “Welcome to my World” video, please be sure to view it after reading this first blog entry! I am excited and grateful that you have chosen to join my world! I promise not to keep your attention too long because if you’re like me, you too have much going on. So what does my world consist of? Well for starters, GOD. God is the center of it, and I try my hardest to put nothing before HIM. I must be transparent and say that I have made some moves or done some things without consulting HIM first. I am working on making it a conscious effort to acknowledge HIM first

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